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The idea for The Plaid Deer came about while sitting around a campfire at the lake one evening. We wanted to design shirts that evoke a nostalgic emotion. Pieces of clothing that are a staple in your wardrobe for years to come. Clothing that can be worn while at the lake or sitting around a campfire with friends. We wanted something that can be worn while going out for coffee or to a meeting or to take your kids to the playground. Tees that are so comfy you can sleep in them! We wanted to create the perfect, most-functional shirt ever.

We want you to tell a story with your Plaid Deer gear. They are not just articles of clothing to us – but rather an emotion, a way of life, an experience that you have. It will become your favorite shirt that is not like any other shirt you have owned. This shirt will be your go to for every occasion.

Once we knew our vision for The Plaid Deer, we began working with a wonderful and uplifting team and made that dream a reality. We began designing and creating the styles that you see today and were inspired by nature itself. Then, we went to the lake and captured the lifestyle of these shirts –The lifestyle that they will bring to you on all of your adventures.

Like the pattern of plaid, these shirts are all very unique and special. Each one will tell a different story. Each one will have a different meaning and purpose in your life. Whether it be a great outdoor adventure, a road trip traveling to places unknown, or a cozy night curled up by the fire, your Plaid Deer gear is sure to stand up to whatever expedition they are needed for.

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